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2020 has been many things, but fun and games are hardly what comes to mind. Fortunately, we are only a few months away from wrapping this year up, so why not have some fun and play this game to get an “in-the-trenches” look at what has been happening in our local real estate market. Everybody loves a good Jeopardy match, so see how many of these questions you answer correctly. You won’t win any money (it’s 2020 afterall….that’s just not how this year rolls), but you may be
surprised at a few things you discover:

Our sales report has a fun Jeopardy game for you to play and it showcases properties and prices of hundreds of sold homes in the local market and...

  • Good news about what is happening in the market
  • Home design and what buyers are looking for in a home today.  
  • How fast and how much homes are selling for. 
  • Discusses should you sell now or sell later. 
  • The impact of interest rates on the market.

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