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Building a New DC Metro Home: Where to Save, Where to Splurge


Building a new home is an expression of your needs, your design aesthetic and your lifestyle priorities.  But you want to make sure the home you build is everything you envision.  The process should begin long before the foundation is poured.  With both personal experience and an extensive list of new construction clients and projects, here is some good advice on where you can save and where you should NOT cut corners: 


  • Planning your Interior Spaces:  Big beautiful windows, when properly placed, add enormous architectural impact to a home.  But as you are in the design planning process, carefully consider how you and your family live.  Will those windows allow unimpeded views, but no place for a couch or chairs to enjoy them? 
  • Your Electrical Plan:  There's nothing worse than a gorgeous new home but a bad lighting and electrical plan.  You don't want to have to walk through your sitting room to turn off your bedroom lights any more than you want to have to add an extension cord every time you want to vacuum a big new family room. 
  • Technology:  There's no turning back--it's here to stay.  And YOUR technology won't be the same as your Father's technology.  As much as you possibly can, look ahead to the technological tools that are on the horizon and try to build them into your home's infrastructure from the start. 


  • Insulation:  If you are seriously thinking of making your new home long term, you may want to discuss FOAM INSULATION with your builder and architect.  If is expensive but there's no place for cold or hot air to permeate your spaces and will keep your home incredibly air tight and comfortable.
  • Windows:  Don't skimp on these.  Windows not only add architectural interest to your home, but are a major source of energy inefficiency if they are poorly manufactured and installed.
  • Hot Water:  The "on demand" systems not only take up less space, they deliver hot water immediately. They too are expensive, but if you have a large family or multiple baths, the investment will be well worth it.


This might come as a surprise, but you can cut costs on kitchen cabinets.  The Rozansky Group isn't suggesting that you buy something that is of a poor quality, but beautiful counter surfaces and a custom backsplash are really the "eye candy" of a well-designed kitchen.  Buy quality cabinets, dress them up with high quality counters and tiles, and you will get a lot of bang for your buck!

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