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Print Promotion

Marketing Your Greater DC Home Through Print Promotion

When it comes to successfully selling your Greater DC home, having an effective print campaign in place in paramount!

That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure your home’s print promotion is not only well-rounded but also top-notch!

First, we provide professionally-designed Property Flyers with photos and elaborate descriptions of your home so that potential buyers will begin falling in love with your property way before they step inside your home.

These flyers provide pertinent information such as:
• Number of bedrooms and square footage of your home
• Custom features buyers won’t find anywhere else
• Nearby schools
• And more!

Reaching the Masses

And when we have an Open House, we ensure that there’s an Open Sunday rider on the top of your For Sale sign so that as many buyers are beckoned to check out your property as possible.

And even better than that – we’ll ensure that there’s an advertisement for the open house in the Sunday Washington Post – which is delivered to nearly 700,000 households! Now that’s a lot of exposure for your home for sale!

Delivering You Executive Results on the Greater DC Real Estate Market

The more people who know about your home for sale, the more opportunity there will be to find an interested and qualified home buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar! That’s why we value a comprehensive print campaign as much as we do.

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