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Ready to Downsize? Here's How to get started!



So much of the DC area is undergoing a transformation and a big part of the drive is long-time residents who are looking to downsize from larger properties.  Many baby boomers are realizing that they have too much house and simultaneously, they are looking for a home closer to the city.  Downsizing can be liberating but at the same time, it means some tough decisions need to be made. 



Most people who are downsizing end up concluding that the most important spaces in their home are the kitchen, eating area and storage.  You may not necessarily need extra space in the bedroom.

  • The home office:  With today's more mobile world, you can take a laptop computer to work on anywhere in your home so you really may NOT need a den or library
  • The formal living room:  Even if you are a frequent entertainer, most home owners rarely use a formal living room
  • A fourth bedroom: House guests can use a sleeper sofa in the family room


You have to be ruthless about getting rid of stuff so plan on spending time thinking about which things you use everyday and then go from there. Before you start paring down belongings consider these things:

  • Measure the rooms and make a floor plan with the furniture you think you will be bringing.  Carefully look at the plan so that you don't block doorways or windows and so that you can easily make your way around the space.
  • If you have big, overstuffed furnishings consider whether they will fit into a amaller family room.  Make sure your furniture fits the style of your new home.  An eclectic mix of furniture styles might be perfect.  Think of a streamlined chrome-and-leather chair in a classic bungalow: the best of both worlds!
  • Think about how often you use items....and if you take that a step further....would you buy it today?  If you're not sure you would, you probably won't miss it from your home interior.
  • There are plenty of organizations that look for donations and will pick up household items you no longer want.  Here's a list:

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