It is our job, as your listing agent, to make sure that the best features of your home are pointed out in all of our marketing and advertising. We follow up all showings with phone calls and emails to the showing agent and will share all of the feedback with you.

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Whether we’ve spent a short time or many months getting your home ready for the market, now that it is an active listing in the Multiple List System we need to move into SHOWTIME MODE!

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If you know that the house is going to be shown, we highly recommend that you leave the premises. Take the dog for a long walk, grab the newspaper and head to your favorite Starbucks, get those errands that you need to run crossed off your “to do” list. Prospective buyers and their agent will spend much more time in your home if they know they can speak freely and openly about it.

  • As challenging as it is, be prepared for some “last min- ute” showings.
  • Keep your walkways clean, keep your lawn and gardens beautiful, and make sure your doorbell works.
  • Even if you have a beautiful new kitchen or baths, if buyers can’t see past an uninviting entry, they won’t come in.
  • Turning lights on in darker rooms, opening blinds and curtains to bring the outdoors in. Consider putting a spot- light behind some furniture; it does wonders.
  • Kitchens sell do baths. Keep them spotless, keep counters clean and use our Staged to Sell guidelines to make your kitchen and baths show their best.
  • Pare down the contents of your closets so that buyers think you have ample room for their own wardrobes.
  • Make sure the beds are made. Every day. Put all dishes in the dishwasher (not the sink). Keep the toilet lids closed.
  • If you have beautiful photos of your home in all four seasons, we want to use them in advertising and market- ing (particularly if we are putting up the FOR SALE sign in February).
  • Allergies are a common problem: avoid introducing un- natural scents (like Plug Ins) into your interior spaces.
  • Check your home’s thermostat, particularly if you are selling in summer or winter.

Buyers will remember a hot house or a cold one.... but they won’t buy it. 

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